Pass the Puck, Inc. 10611 E. Bahia Dr. Scottsdale, Arizona Tel: 480-389-1414 e-mail: / website:   Pass the Puck ďFree Hockey Drills For Your Team!Ē      We design 100ís of free hockey drills for 1000ís of coaches worldwide in 50 different countries.  New drills are being added all the time.  The site was designed back in 2000 to help Dadís and Coaches.  Most coaches get up in the morning and go right to work.  When the work day is over, they go directly to the rink and unprepared for practice.  This web site is designed to help you get ready for your practice.  Just click on a link, and copy the drill for your practice.  Plus we also provide you with a free 25 week 1 hour practice plan that is designed in a progression.  Which means it starts off easy and each week it gets harder.  Please free free to use the site and help us by telling your friends about us.  Please come and visit us on Face Book and Twitter.  Thanks for being a member.
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